Second woman nabbed in local prostitution sting

Police arrested a second suspect at New Healing Touch on Manhattan College Parkway near Broadway.


A local massage parlor could be shuttered after a second employee was busted for soliciting sexual services.

Undercover NYPD investigators swooped on New Healing Touch, a massage parlor located at 4685 Manhattan College Parkway, at around 3:40 p.m. on Wednesday, February 29.

Commanding officer of the 50th Precinct Captain Kevin Burke said the sting operation was ordered after an employee was nabbed for offering sexual services in December.

“Based on that, we wanted to retest them to see if that criminal activity was still going on. And so another vice undercover went there…and same thing but a different individual,” he said.

“[She] agreed to do a massage, took him to the room and also agreed to a prostitution act.”

Ying Al Li, 43, from Queens, was arrested and charged with one count of unauthorized practice of a profession and another misdemeanor prostitution count. It is understood Li offered to manually stimulate her client’s penis for $20.

Captain Burke said authorities now had legal grounds to pursue New Healing Touch’s closure.

“We’re required to make two arrests within a year for this type of offense—which we’ve met—so the next step forward is to submit them for a nuisance abatement,” he said.

Under a nuisance abatement order, a city judge can order a building to be boarded up if there is sufficient evidence that two counts of prostitution occurred on the premises.

However, Captain Burke warned it could take a couple of months for the case to progress through the courts.

The latest arrest comes after Yingji Li, 40, was busted and charged with one count of prostitution count during a similar sting at the premises on December 22.

It is not known whether the two women are related, but both women reside in the same house.

The NYPD Vice Squad, which is attached to the Organized Crime Control Bureau, is charged with investigating matters relating specifically to prostitution, gambling and alcohol-related issues.

Councilman G. Oliver Koppell’s community affairs director Andrew Sandler welcomed the latest arrest, particularly in view of previous run-ins with The Lounge, a bar located within the same facility as the massage parlor.

He said although complaints about the watering hole have centered on liquor-license compliance, “the problem has always been what’s been above it and what kind of business they were doing there, so it’s welcome news if they’re going to be shutting that down.”

However, Sandler stressed that The Lounge will not be affected by any court-mandated closure.

Manhattan College declined to comment on the latest development, despite having previously expressed concerns about the parlor.

State Senator Jeffrey Klein, who alerted Police Commissioner Ray Kelly to the facility’s alleged illegal conduct in a letter last month, said such behavior didn’t belong in Riverdale.

“This suspected activity has no place in our communities, and I am grateful that the 50th Precinct has shown time and time again that it will not tolerate illegal and illicit behavior,” he said in a statement to the Review.

“Assemblyman Dinowitz and I have introduced legislation that will help uproot and shut down massage parlors that act as a front for prostitution.”

Under the proposed legislation, state officials would revoke the operating license of a massage parlor if police rack up three prostitution arrests.

As of press time, attempts to contact New Healing Touch were unsuccessful.

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