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Riverdale streets: Like the surface of the moon

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

By MIAWLING LAM Community members have slammed the city for neglecting the pothole-ridden streets of Riverdale, arguing local roads resemble a patchwork normally seen in third-world countries. CB8 land use chairman Charles Moerdler urged residents at last Tuesday’s general board meeting to kick up a stink about the area’s pockmarked pavements. He said locals needed [...]

Respect For All Week

Diaz speech to highlight impressive gains in boro’s economic picture

By MIAWLING LAM Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. is expected to highlight The Bronx’s dramatic rejuvenation at his annual State of the Borough address later this week. Right on the heels of the announcement that online grocer FreshDirect will relocate to the South Bronx by 2015, it can be revealed Diaz will tout his [...]

Residents accuse Hebrew Home of noise code violations

By MIAWLING LAM The Hebrew Home at Riverdale allegedly violates noise ordinances and routinely breaches the city’s quiet hours, according to nearby residents. Neighbors claim the nursing home’s air-conditioning units emit a loud, continuous rumbling noise and that their houses tremble when nightly delivery and dumpster trucks perform their functions. Dr. Eugene Zappi, who resides [...]

Wayward dog owner could be criminally liable

By MIAWLING LAM The recalcitrant Riverdale resident whose dogs have terrorized locals for more than two years could be slapped with criminal and civil charges. State Senator Jeffrey Klein said Philomena McNamara could be subject to legal proceedings under a newly discovered state law. In a recent letter to the state attorney general’s office, Klein [...]

Community Board changes election rules

By MIAWLING LAM Members of the nominating committee will no longer be allowed to run for office now that a series of ballot rule changes was approved by Community Board 8. The tinkering of by-laws comes seven months after an election controversy erupted, leading to a heated debate over the ethics of the five-member nominating [...]

State official presents budget at Riverdale Senior Center

By MIAWLING LAM The safety of Indian Point, homecare services for Riverdale seniors and pedestrian access to the Hudson River emerged as the key constituent concerns last week during a state budget presentation. As part of an unprecedented outreach initiative, Governor Andrew Cuomo has been sending cabinet members to all 150 Assembly districts to present [...]

Interfaith panel at St. Margaret’s Church discuss shared heritage

By PAULETTE SCHNEIDER A priest, a rabbi and a Muslim scholar drew a crowd of more than thirty parishioners to the lace-curtained rectory meeting room at St. Margaret of Cortona to hear a discussion entitled “God of Our Fathers—A Look at Our Roots.” It happened to be World Interfaith Harmony Week, an observance for the [...]

School woes in Cleveland, Ohio could soon be our own

By DIANE RAVITCH I recently went to Cleveland to speak to their City Club, where civic leaders gather every Friday to hear from people in different fields. I wanted to talk with educators as well, so I spoke to the Cleveland Teachers Union on the evening of Feb. 2, and to district administrators on Feb. [...]

Plans afoot for June Primary

By MIAWLING LAM New York’s primary election day for federal and state offices could be moved to June 26, under a bill proposed by Albany legislators. The bill, which was quietly introduced last Friday, would push the state primary up from September, in keeping with federal law. Officials estimate the move will save local governments [...]

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