Holocaust scholar Berenbaum appears at Manhattan College

By PAULETTE SCHNEIDER Dr. Michael Berenbaum described one not-so-simple goal for museums: to present controversial material without themselves becoming the subject of controversy. The same goal can be claimed by Manhattan College’s Holocaust, Genocide and Interfaith Education Center, an institute that’s drawn some controversy of its own. It has broadened the focus of its former [...]


Jobs come first   We’re not going to tell you that the deal that the City of New York cut with FreshDirect, the online grocery vendor, was a good one. It is easy to say that this is just another case of corporate welfare, and perhaps it was. But it was a necessary one in [...]

Health insurance company stocks soar under Obama

By IRA STOLL What got President Obama’s contraceptive compromise into the headlines was the religious angle. What deserves to keep it there is the economic angle. After Catholic organizations complained that the federal government wanted to force them to include free contraceptive coverage in their health insurance plans, the White House announced a compromise. As [...]

Some questions for local politicians

  To The Editor: For many months now, people throughout this country have watched and listened to debates and interviews involving the various Republican candidates for their party’s nomination for President. During that time, these various candidates have been asked many tough, and many times embarrassing questions relating to their positions on many issues. And [...]

Goodbye to Riverdale

To The Editor: After 33 years, it is with great sadness that I have closed the doors on my business, Beauty By Valentina. During that time, children were born, people passed away, newcomers arrived into the neighborhood and others retired—I knew them all. We had good times, good laughs and good memories. I would like [...]

Unfairly treated by Riverdale Press

To The Editor: First I want to thank the Riverdale Review for having the good sense not to print an email that was inaccurate, contained false statements, and was downright slanderous to me. Unfortunately the Riverdale Press not only chose to print the email as a letter to the editor, but also changed the meaning [...]

Education News

P.S. 24 In observance of Random Acts of Kindness Week, students, parents and staff members who feel they were treated kindly by someone are writing about their experiences and posting their descriptions on a bulletin board in the main lobby.   P.S. 81 Preregistration for kindergarten will continue through Friday, March 2, from 9 a.m. [...]

February 16, 2012 cartoon


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Progress on long-stalled apartment tower

By MIAWLING LAM   It is Riverdale’s answer to Barcelona’s La Sagrada Familia, but Tulfan Terrace is finally set for completion in January 2013. The skeletal building, located at 3620 Oxford Avenue, has remained a construction site since work stalled in 2006. However, a representative from mortgage owner Ox-3620 LLC appeared before a Communit Board [...]

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