Oregano, eagerly anticipated Johnson Ave. eatery, welcomes new chef

  By MIAWLING LAM A new chef and a more refined menu are among the changes afoot at Oregano Bar & Bistro, the eagerly awaited French-Latin restaurant due to open on Johnson Avenue later this month. The Riverdale Review can reveal Swiss-born chef Claude Alain Solliard has been hired as the restaurant’s new executive chef. [...]

Board okays controversial skate rink

By MIAWLING LAM   The Van Cortlandt Park ice-skating rink is expected to be formally approved this week and could be open for business next winter. Following the endorsement of the controversial plan by Community Board 8, the city’s Franchise and Concession Review Committee was scheduled to deliver its vote on Wednesday. The community board’s [...]

Residents may be charged for parking inconvenience

By MIAWLING LAM Not only are they losing 25 parking spots while Manhattan College builds its new student center, but residents along Waldo Avenue may now have to pay to park in the school’s garage. News of the possible fee emerged during Community Board 8’s land use committee meeting on Monday, angering the half-dozen residents [...]

Community leader offers vision for rigorous new charter school

By MIAWLING LAM   Children as young as five will learn fencing, chess, attend school on Saturdays and be given a rigorous, back-to-basics education at a new elementary charter school proposed for The Bronx. Yes the Bronx chairman and Riverdale Senior Services board member Alec Diacou unveiled plans to open the Rosalyn Yalow Academy Charter [...]

Renewed pleas for neighborhood slow zone on Independence Ave.

By MIAWLING LAM   A plan to introduce a Neighborhood Slow Zone outside two of Riverdale’s public schools is expected to gather momentum after a pedestrian was struck while crossing the street. Police confirmed that a 54-year-old woman was hit by a vehicle while crossing Independence Avenue at West 235th Street around 8 a.m. last [...]

Plans to posthumously honor educator and community leader Debbie Bowden

By MIAWLING LAM Community members have proposed renaming the P.S. 24 library in memory of Debbie Bowden, a passionate education activist and longtime Riverdale resident. Community Board 8 member Marvin Goodman flagged the posthumous honor at last week’s education committee meeting, less than three days after Bowden’s passing. The idea was suggested after committee chair [...]

Local home invasion robbery foiled

By MIAWLING LAM   Authorities arrested two men during an attempted drug-related home invasion in Kingsbridge last week. Police confirmed the would-be robbers targeted an apartment building at 3424 Kingsbridge Avenue at around 3:15 a.m. on Monday, January 30. Ironically, the building is located just a stone’s throw from the local precinct. Commanding officer of [...]

Bronx politician calls for transferable Muni-Meter time

By MIAWLING LAM   Motorists will be able to use unexpired Muni-Meter time to park anywhere in the city without fear of being ticketed, under a new proposal introduced by city legislators. The City Council is currently debating the merits of a plan permitting drivers to transfer unused time from one parking spot to another [...]

Manning’s Law confounds the experts, inviting humility in business, sports, and life

By IRA STOLL The victory of the New York Giants in the National Football League’s Super Bowl is the latest in a series of recent news developments that underscore a principle that might be called Manning’s Law, after the Giants quarterback Eli Manning: The predictions of “experts” are often wrong. You can look it up. [...]

Time to stop the teacher bashing

To The Editor: It has been said by many that there is no teacher evaluation program in place. We hear the same thing from our mayor. Well, I’m here to tell you that it is an outright untrue-ism. If we are to debate this issue, we all must know the facts from people in the [...]

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