Community Cooking at the Y

Community cooking at Riverdale Y will be held on Sunday, March 25, from 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. The class is called Gone Fishin’. It is limited to 10 people. Class Price: $25 plus $15 food/supply fee. Want to spend a few hours meeting new people and learning to cook fresh, healthy food? Join Danielle [...]

Why Johnny won’t read

  There was an interesting study recently completed of New York City schoolchildren, reported on in Monday’s New York Times. Two groups were formed, one was taught the way most children in the city have been for quite some time, using the predominant reading strategy known as “balanced literacy.” This is actually the “whole language” [...]

Sandra Fluke: Freeloader and parasite

To The Editor: Sandra Fluke, the 30-year-old radical feminist activist who Rush Limbaugh wrongly demeaned by calling her “a slut and a prostitute” has, according to the N.Y. Post (3/6), acknowledged that she had enrolled at Georgetown precisely to challenge that Catholic university’s refusal to include contraception in its student health coverage. The demand by [...]

Diplomacy is the answer on Iran

To The Editor: I must disagree with the guest editorial, “A Green Light for Israel.” An attack on Iran by either Israel of the United States would trigger a wave of horrible events, likely ending in a thermonuclear exchange between the nuclear powers, the United States against Russia and China and vice versa. In the [...]

March 15, 2012 Cartoon

‘Secret tax’ costing you thousands

By Ira Stoll When I was collecting my annual tax forms to send to my accountant earlier this month, I couldn’t find one — the one called the Form 1099-INT. That’s the form I’ve gotten in past years from banks or mutual fund companies to report interest I’ve received on bank accounts or money market [...]

Second woman nabbed in local prostitution sting

By MIAWLING LAM A local massage parlor could be shuttered after a second employee was busted for soliciting sexual services. Undercover NYPD investigators swooped on New Healing Touch, a massage parlor located at 4685 Manhattan College Parkway, at around 3:40 p.m. on Wednesday, February 29. Commanding officer of the 50th Precinct Captain Kevin Burke said [...]

Specialized HS admits from RKA soar

By MIAWLING LAM Thirty students from the Riverdale Kingsbridge Academy won coveted seats in the city’s nine elite specialized high schools this year. Data released on Tuesday by M.S/H.S 141 shows the number of students receiving offers to the prestigious schools has nearly doubled within the past year. Of the 30 students who gained admission [...]

Purim Carnival at Riverdale Y

      Sleeping Beauty (Deanna Sherman) and Rapunzel (Samantha Bowden) take a break from working the slides, tunnels and bounce castle at the Riverdale Y Purim Carnival last Sunday. The Jewish holiday of Purim, observed this Wednesday night through Thursday, commemorates the miraculous survival of Persia’s Jewish population. Celebrations  typically involve costume parties, reveling, [...]

City may order new buildings to reduce stormwater overflows

By MIAWLING LAM They’ve tackled the heating oil issue, and now city officials are turning their attention to stormwater discharge. Residential buildings could be forced to capture more stormwater runoff and store it on-site, under a city plan designed to alleviate street flooding and reduce combined sewer overflows. The proposal, flagged by Department of Environmental [...]

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