Concern grows over cost of heating oil mandate

By MIAWLING LAM Landlords and co-op boards could be offered low-interest, unsecured bank loans to help them comply with the city’s controversial heating oil conversion mandate. The financial assistance program, to be announced by city officials later this month, was broached at Community Board 8’s public forum on the heating fuel conversion last Monday. Steve [...]

Actor draws upon his Riverdale roots for new Web TV series

    By Robert Lebowitz There is no question that the future of TV is radically changing. The traditional model of sitting at home on the couch watching a show by yourself or with close friends or family is giving way to broadcasts streamed over the Internet, able to be seen at any time, and [...]

Hebrew Institute wins UJA Inclusion Award

By PAULETTE SCHNEIDER The Hebrew Institute of Riverdale won a Synagogue Inclusion Award for its work on behalf of the community’s special needs population. The award, created by the United Jewish Appeal, provides a grant for furthering the shul’s efforts “to include, accommodate, and accept those congregants living with disabilities.” Congregants who themselves have family [...]

Diaz speech is received warmly

    By MIAWLING LAM The Bronx is back in business and is set to reclaim its place as a top corporate and tourist destination. Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. made the bold declaration during his third State of the Borough address last Thursday. Speaking before a packed crowd at Harry S. Truman High [...]

HH Bridge to become cashless

By PAULETTE SCHNEIDER By this summer or fall, drivers who cross the Henry Hudson Bridge will need to use an E-ZPass—cash lanes will be a thing of the past. Drivers who don’t have an E-ZPass will not get a free ride as they glide across the span and take in the view. As they pass [...]

Demeaning the teachers

  To much fanfare, and an equal amount of hand-wringing, the city has released the results of a pilot teacher evaluation system which reveals, by name, what is purported to be the relative performance of teachers using a value-added assessment. As supporters of the release of the data rejoice, we predict that this may well [...]

Muslim surveillance—a matter of life or death

To The Editor: The main section of the N.Y. Times is divided into three main parts: international news, national news and local news. The international news component gives extensive coverage to events going on all over the world, and has for many years exposed the countless instances of savagery, butchery and murder committed by Muslim [...]

The motorists be damned

To The Editor: Yes, the streets throughout NYC — not just in The Bronx — are in bad shape.  But who are we supposed to complain to.  City Hall?  The mayor doesn’t want to see any cars in NYC.  The Public Advocate?  What does he advocate for the public, anyway?  We motorists need to organize. [...]

Why I’m for Obama

To The Editor: As this is a presidential election year, my vote for President of the United States will go to the incumbent, Barack Obama. Why? President Obama has fought a successful battle against terrorists by the assassinations of Osama Bin Laden and his two top lieutenants. These assassinations have proven that Americans and America [...]

March 1, 2012 cartoon

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